Ultimate Diamond

  • Re-Nutriv Ultimate Diamond

    Transformative Thermal Ritual Massage Mask

    Feel the comforting warmth. See the transformative radiance. Now, Re-Nutriv creates an indulgent "hot stone" spa experience in the comfort of your home.
    With our exclusive Warming Stone massager, this ultra-rich creme mask melts into your skin in a silky, oil-infused veil. Energized with concentrated Black Diamond Truffle Extract and advanced hydrating and firming ingredients, the mask caresses and nourishes every contour of your face.
    Skin feels firmer, more supple. Looks more plumped, vibrantly awake and stunningly renewed.
    Infused with Black Diamond Truffle, one of nature's rarest treasures. Transformed through a secret process into a pure, precious extract. 10,000 hours in the making, it is a potent energy infusion for your skin.
    At-home "hot stone" spa experience with stone, rich mask.
  • Re-Nutriv Ultimate Diamond

    Revitalizing Mask Noir

    Power. Luxury. Noir. 2-step ritual for ultra smooth, radiant skin. First, the silky brush, inspired by ancient "dry brushing".Next, the nourishing, exfoliating mask with Black Diamond Truffle Extract.
    2-step ritual with Black Diamond Truffle Extract.
  • Re-Nutriv Ultimate Diamond

    Transformative Energy Creme

    Two powerful elixirs fuse to help energize the 100 million skin cells on your face. Black Diamond Truffle Extract and our most advanced technologies reveal a firmer, more sculpted, luminous look.
    With Black Diamond Truffle Extract. Pure energy.
  • Re-Nutriv

    Ultimate Diamond Transformative Eye Creme

    With a single touch, the transformation begins.
    Energized with rare Black Diamond Truffle Extract and next-generation sculpting technologies. Eyes look brighter, re-awakened, firmer and more lifted.
    Luxury for eyes, with Black Diamond Truffle Extract.