Refillable Beauty


What are refillable beauty products?

Refillable beauty products are designed with refills that fit into your existing, full-size packaging—so instead of tossing your full-sized container and buying a new one once it’s empty, you can refill and reuse it.

Are skincare and makeup refills more sustainable?

If you’re looking to create a routine with more responsible makeup and skincare, refills are a great place to start. A full-size product + refill(s) typically use less packaging material and help reduce waste when compared to multiple full-sized products.

What Estée Lauder products are available in refillable packaging?

Want to add refillable makeup and skincare to your routine? We’re committed to making 75-100% of our packaging meet at least one of the “5 Rs” by 2025: recyclable, refillable, reusable, recycled or recoverable. Developing refills is a major part of achieving our goal, and some of our best-selling makeup and skincare formulas are already available as refills.

Hoping to give your skincare routine a refillable upgrade—without sacrificing performance? Estée Lauder’s firming and radiance-boosting Re-Nutriv Ultimate Diamond Brilliance Serum comes in a refillable glass tube that fits right into your full-size bottle.

Makeup refill pans are also available for some of our makeup products, including Pure Color Envy Sculpting Blush, Pure Color Envy Luxe Eyeshadow Quad, and Double Wear Stay-in-Place Matte Powder Foundation.