Repair Serums

  • Re-Nutriv

    Ultimate Radiant White Brightening Youth Serum

    The secret of bright, petal-perfect clarity.

    Radiance beams. A more even skintone is revealed. Discolorations are dramatically lightened. Skin looks firmer and smoother. Stunningly flawless.

    This Serum delivers concentrated whitening and youth-sustaining power, plus dramatic dark spot correction. Infused with the highest level of Blanc Floralixir™ Dew, the velvety, fast-penetrating formula delivers concentrated levels of key whitening and anti-aging ingredients. Smooths and refines skin as it firms and strengthens. Skin looks radiant, more even-toned.


    Created with brightening Japanese Angelica Flower and the soothing purity of White Tuberose. Amplified with the power of Re-Nutriv science to unveil skin's petal-perfect clarity.
  • Re-Nutriv Ultimate Diamond

    Revitalizing Mask Noir

    Power. Luxury. Noir. 2-step ritual for ultra smooth, radiant skin. First, the silky brush, inspired by ancient "dry brushing".Next, the nourishing, exfoliating mask with Black Diamond Truffle Extract.
    2-step ritual with Black Diamond Truffle Extract.
  • Re-Nutriv

    Ultimate Lift Regenerating Youth Serum

    This luxuriously concentrated treatment creates a more lifted look and intensely firmer feel. Strengthens skin against signs of aging. The serum surges with powerful Ultimate Lift technology, potent firming ingredients and concentrated levels of Floralixir™ Dew.
    Precious droplets suspended in the silky-soft serum encapsulate key youth boosters, then burst in a rush of renewal for a younger, radiant look.

    A potent force to reawaken skin's youthful renewal. It begins with two precious flowers that thrive in the frigid Himalayas and the parched highlands of Brazil, their potency magnified by the power of Re-Nutriv science.
    Concentrated for a more lifted look, firmer feel.
  • Re-Nutriv

    Ultimate Lift Age-Correcting Serum

    Powerful serum helps lift, firm, and perfect skin's appearance.

    With Black Tourmaline gems and Contour Lifting Technologies. Delivers up to 5 times the levels of key ingredients found in the Creme.

    Helps lift, firm, and perfect skin's appearance.