October 10,
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It’s one of the most popular skincare trends—and it can seriously help change your complexion for the better. Want to learn how to double cleanse? Keep reading for everything you need to know, including the benefits of doubling up your cleansing routine.

What is double cleansing?

Double-cleansing is exactly what it sounds like—washing your face twice. With this two-step technique, you wash your face once with a cleansing oil or balm, followed by a second cleanse with a water-based cleanser formula. Why, you might wonder, is that necessary? Because washing your face once sometimes doesn’t remove all the surface-level impurities your skin accumulates in a given day.

The first cleanse focuses on removing makeup, sunscreen, pollution, dirt and excess oil from your face. The second face wash helps provide a deeper cleanse.

What are the benefits of double cleansing?

The extra step doesn’t just get your skin extra clean. It helps rid your skin of any excess residue and grime that can prevent you from achieving a plump, glowing complexion. If you deal with acne-prone skin, this two-step routine can help keep your pores clear of excess oil and impurities that can lead to breakouts.

It also exfoliates dead cells, meaning the rest of your skincare regimen can penetrate your skin more effectively.

What are the best products for double cleansing?

One of the many benefits of double cleansing is how simple it is. You’ll only need two products to create your routine: An oil-based cleanser or cleansing balm and a water-based cleanser.

Oil-based cleansers and cleansing balms can break down even the toughest of oils found in your favorite makeup and sunscreen products—including waterproof formulas. Water-based cleansers including gel or foam formulas give your skin a nourishing deep clean. Combine them, and you’ll have the perfect double cleansing system.

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How to double cleanse:

Sold yet? Here’s how to ensure you’re double cleansing diligently:

Step 1: Start with your oil-based cleanser, like Advanced Night Cleansing Balm. Massage it into your skin when it’s dry, and let it transform from a buttery balm to a nourishing oil that helps break down longwear makeup, sunscreen and other impurities. Splash with water and it transforms into a cushioning milky cleanser that washes away easily.

Step 2: Pick a foamier cleanser that suits your skin type. This extra wash not only helps purify skin more deeply, but it also removes any oily residue, leaving skin in its freshest, most naturally radiant state. Our Powerful Nighttime Repair Set includes the Advanced Night Cleansing Gelée 30ml, containing 15 Amino Acids which provides gentle daily cleansing for all skin types. This renewing gel cleanser transforms into a fluffy, soft foam that gently yet thoroughly cleanses your skin.

Massage your second cleanser gently over damp skin. Rinse thoroughly and pat your face dry. Then, you’re ready to follow with the rest of your skincare routine.

How often should you double cleanse?

As with all skincare routines, it should be customized to best fit the needs of your skin type and concerns. We always recommend slowly introducing a new technique to see how it works for you—particularly if you have sensitive skin.

If you fall in love with the benefits of double cleansing, you can use a two-cleanse system every evening as a part of your nighttime skincare routine.

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