March 12,
photo of sabyasachi for estee lauder limited edition collection
Why did you decide to collaborate with Estée Lauder?

Sabyasachi: Mrs. Estée Lauder was a true visionary. She took risks and worked hard for her success, which is something I truly admire. Like my namesake brand, Sabyasachi, Estée Lauder is a brand based on a strong emotional connection with women, which is bought to life through this collection.

As two brands that have been built slowly over time with a lot of integrity, I knew that together we could create beautiful products with tangible value for our customers.

How did you choose the lipstick shades within your Estée Lauder collection?

Sabyasachi: I curated the shades in the collection by picking  individual threads from my designs. I then named each opulent shade in celebration of my Indian culture.

If there is one definitive colour that defines a lipstick collection, for me, it’s the colour red. Rouge Bengal is my favorite within the collection. It’s strong and it is dynamic. It has a strong pop, yet it is very ‘old world’. It is a shade that will traverse across different demographics of age and geography.

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What was the inspiration behind the  packaging  of your Estée Lauder collection?

Sabyasachi: When I visited the Estée Lauder archives, I saw such beautiful products—almost like objects of art. I started thinking about my Sabyasachi jewelry collections. I saw similarities between the details in the original Estée Lauder packaging and the details on the jewelry I design. I wanted to create a collaboration between New York and Calcutta, with packaging that paid homage to what I saw in the archives but was still modern .

There’s a strong sense of place in your Estée Lauder collection—what was your inspiration?

Sabyasachi: When people travel to new places, it opens the horizons of the mind to try new things that are often unknown to them. Unknown places lend a sense of mystery and a heightened sense of luxury. That is what I wanted to do by naming the collection shades after places which are mysterious and not often traded – it creates a sense of wonderment for people.


Each lipstick is a sensorial experience scented with warm spicy cinnamon notes. Why did you choose this scent?

Sabyasachi: I wanted to evoke a transportive experience. Cinnamon is nostalgic to me. It reminds me of India.

What do you want people to feel when they wear your Estée Lauder x Sabyasachi Collection?

Sabyasachi: I want people to have a sensorial, luxurious experience. These lipsticks have a definitive texture and feel to them. They also have a beautiful cinnamon scent, and the packaging is beautiful. When I created this collection, I wanted a 360-degree experience—more than just the application of lipstick.