February 14,
photo of aerin for renutriv

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Not only has Aerin Lauder experienced the extraordinary results of Re-Nutriv firsthand, but she also learned the secrets behind the brand’s most luxurious collection at an early age from her grandmother, Mrs. Estée Lauder.

“As a little girl, my grandparents always told me that the ingredient list was so special that it was locked in a safe, and I believed them,” she says.

Now, the AERIN Beauty founder is using her in-depth knowledge and passion for Re-Nutriv in her new role as the collection’s Style & Design Director.

“After using Re-Nutriv products for many years, I understand how incredible the franchise truly is. Longevity is the new luxury.”

Read on for a Q+A with Aerin and learn more about her new role, her personal connection to Re-Nutriv, how she feels about carrying on her grandmother’s legacy and more.

aerin lauder and mrs estee lauder

Your grandmother, Mrs. Estée Lauder, was a trailblazer. What inspires you to carry on her legacy?

Aerin: Estée was an incredible role model, grandmother and mentor. I always admired her concept of luxury fragrance, makeup and skincare, and feel that it is now more relevant than ever before. It is an honor to continue her vision.

Tell us more about your new role as Style & Design Director of Estée Lauder Re-Nutriv.

Aerin: In my new role, I will be responsible for Re-Nutriv’s expression across key touchpoints, from advertising and marketing, to events, collaborations and package design. I am excited to be part of the next chapter for this incredible beauty franchise.

What are you most excited about?

Aerin: My grandmother, Estée, launched Re-Nutriv, the world’s first luxury creme, in 1956. I’m excited to revisit the heritage and origin of what makes these products so special, while adding my own personal touch and modern sensibility.

What are some of your favorite Re-Nutriv products?

Aerin: A few of my favorite products include the Intensive Smoothing Hand Creme and Ultimate Lift Regenerating Youth Emulsion. I also use the Ultra Radiance Liquid Foundation every day, and it has been a go-to product in my makeup routine for over 20 years. 

I also just started using the new Ultimate Diamond Brilliance Creme. It has the most luxurious texture and I love how it makes my skin look so much brighter and more radiant.

How would your grandmother feel about the Estée Lauder brand pioneering skin longevity?

Aerin: My grandmother would love the concept of skin longevity. Estée always said, “you only have one face, take care of it,” therefore reinforcing good habits and skincare at an early age. She would be so proud of how far the brand has come and continues to lead the way for the future of luxury skincare.